Cost an arm and a leg 昂贵的代价

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Rob: It's great that you've come with me during our lunch break to do some shopping. I need to buy a suit to go to a wedding and I have to look smart.

Helen: 你需要买一套西装去参加婚礼,我们午饭休息的时候我能帮你参谋参谋,怎么样?大家都说我特会买衣服。Rob, 我觉得那个橱窗里展示的那件灰色西装上衣看上去挺适合你的。

Rob: Wow! It looks very smart indeed. It will make me look great!

Helen: Exactly! 你穿上一定非常帅!Let's go into the shop, 你一定要穿上试试!

Salesman: The colour suits you, Sir! I will see if I can find a smaller size so that it fits you perfectly.

A man wearing a smart suit

Rob likes the suit but it costs 'an arm and a leg'!

Helen: You see, Rob... 售货员也认为这件衣服穿在你身上简直就没治了。不过我同意他说的尺码,如果再小一号儿就更合体了。Everybody will think you are a powerful man.

Rob: Wait Helen, this suit is not for me. I'm reading this label; it costs an arm and a leg!

Helen: An arm and a leg!? 这也太可怕了 Rob. 你说你得付出一只胳膊和一条大腿才能拿到这件衣服?Rob 这可是21世纪,不是中世纪哟 not the Middle Ages! 售货员看上去也相当文明,he sounded like a nice man!

Rob: Don't worry, Helen. I will keep my limbs. In English, when we say something costs an arm and a leg we mean that it is very expensive!

Helen: So 在我们形容什么东西的价格太昂贵时,就可以说 cost an arm and a leg, 太贵了买不起。That's a relief.

Rob: Let's hear some examples while I go back to my old clothes.

  • "I'd like to travel all over Europe, but the air fare might cost me an arm and a leg."
  • "You have to pay a lot of money to give your children a good education nowadays! A place in a top university costs an arm and a leg."

Rob: So, how do you use the expression an arm and a leg?

Helen: 当你想表示什么东西非常非常昂贵,你就可以说 it costs an arm and a leg.

Rob: Now, let's leave this expensive suit here and get out of the shop before the posh-sounding salesman comes back.

Helen: 咱们赶快走吧,要不然那个说话高雅的售货员马上就回来了,他肯定会瞧不起我们的。我看那边的那条围巾非得要我 pay a nail and an elbow. 那件红色连衣裙还不得 cost a foot and a knee... 啊, 再看这个包包! 肯定要 cost an ear and a hand...

Rob: What are you talking about, Helen!? We only say "an arm and a leg"! Quick, let's get out of here!

Helen: OK, OK! Bye.

Rob: Bye.

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