In the eye of the storm 暴风之眼

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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, dubbed "Frankenstorm", is expected to bring a "life-threatening" surge flood to the mid-Atlantic coast, including Long Island Sound and New York Harbour. Photo: Nasa


Although this phrase is used to describe being at the centre of a problem or dispute, the real 'eye' of a storm is very calm. The eye - a circular area in the middle of a hurricane, which can be up to 65km in diameter - is characterized by light winds and clear skies, which last for a short period before the strong winds, rain and thunder return.

虽然这个短语往往用于形容某人处于问题或争论的中心,真正的“暴风之眼”其实非常宁静。飓风的中心被称为 the eye, 直径达65公里,其特点是刮轻风和晴朗的天空,不过这段宁静维持短暂的片刻后,就被强风和雷雨吞没了。


当某人身处 in the eye of the storm 这就意味着他是一场争论的中心人物。


Greece is in the eye of the storm which has gathered over the world economy and is threatening to tear the eurozone apart.

Our teacher is making us sit our exams again. Johnny was caught in the eye of the storm after he boasted about cheating.


另一个包含气象学术语的短语是 lull before the storm, 意思是暴风雨来临之前的宁静时刻。

The shop assistants took advantage of the lull before the storm and tidied up the hat display. They knew the moment the doors opened they would be flooded with bargain-hunters.


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