Bend over backwards 竭尽全力

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An ice skater performs a move in which he bends backwardsam Guards, Getty Images

Adam Rippon of the United States performs during the men's short program at ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Cup of China in Shanghai. Photo Eugene Hoshiko.


A contortionist is someone who performs by moving and twisting their body into unusual positions. In Mongolia, contortionists have entertained crowds for hundreds of years, where the activity is an important part of their culture. Most practitioners are women and start from around five years old.



短语 to bend over backwards 的意思是竭尽全力,想尽一切办法去做好某件事情。


She bent over backwards to help her brother move house but he didn't say thank you.

I'm going to have to bend over backwards to organise the Christmas party.

She always bends over backwards to defend her boss.


另一个短语 drives you round the bend 意思是一件事情让你忍受不了或非常生气。

He never stops talking about cookery. It really drives me round the bend.


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