To get to grips with 认真处理(难题)

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Kabaddi players grip each other

Pakistan won the Kabaddi Asia Cup final match against India. Players try to tag opponents while holding their breath in the traditional sport. Photo: BBC


Kabaddi is a field sport originating in India, in which two teams take turns to send a raider to the other's territory, or half, tag members of the opposing team, and return "home" without being blocked by defenders on the other side.



短语 get to grips with 的意思是认认真真地处理碰到的难题。


The government is having trouble getting to grips with the problem of rising unemployment.

If Rosie wants to be a project manager, she'll have to get to grips with her fear of talking to people.

I still haven't got to grips with this new software.


另一个短语 to grip something 的意思是紧紧抓住什么东西。

She gripped the edge of her seat as the plane took off.


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