Keep it under your hat 保密

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A line of pretty dancers wearing sombreros and colourful dresses.

Dancers perform during the 13th Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters.


The word 'sombrero' comes from the word 'sombra' meaning shadow but the design of the sombrero hat may have originally been to allow the wearer to carry things like food on long journeys.

单词 sombrero 宽边帽源于另一个单词 sombra 意思是影子。宽边帽最初的设计理念可能是想让戴此类帽子的人能在长途旅行中携带食品。


短语 to keep it under your hat 意思就是保密,千万别告诉别人。


I'll tell you, but you must promise to keep it under your hat.

Doug didn't tell anyone about his new job, he kept it under his hat.

Now I've told you my little secret, keep it under your hat.


另一个短语 hats off to someone 的意思是向某人致敬,因为他们做了值得赞扬的事情或者他们通过不懈的努力获得了成功。如果你想称赞某物,可以用短语 hats off to something.

Hats off to Jenny for organising the office party!


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