A fish out of water 如鱼离水

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Makati City's Caracol Festival, the Philippines

The annual Caracol festival in Makati in the Philippines is held as a tribute to Mother Nature. Photo: Romeo Ranoco/ Reuters


'Caracol' means snail in Spanish. The city of Makati in the Philippines views the snail's shell as a symbol of protection from the harshness of life and has adapted the idea for its annual Caracol festival, which was added to the Department of Tourism's calendar in 1989. Hundreds of students and residents dressed in colourful, nature-inspired costumes dance in the street to celebrate nature and to highlight the importance of protecting the environment.

Caracol 在西班牙语里的意思是 蜗牛。菲律宾马卡蒂市的民众视蜗牛壳为保护自己免受现实生活伤害的象征,他们为此会举行一系列的庆祝活动。Caracol 在1989年已被正式列为菲律宾官方节日。每年节日期间,数百名当地学生和居民身着色彩缤纷的、设计灵感来源于大自然的服饰载歌载舞。人们想借此节日来感谢大自然并强调保护环境的重要性。


A fish out of water 的字面意思是如鱼离水,我们用这个短语来表达因环境不熟悉而感到不舒服,不自在。


After working in a small company most of my life, I was a fish out of water in a big corporation.

Mary used to play the guitar to entertain the neighbours but she was a fish out of water in a professional band.


短语 fish for compliments 的意思是故意要别人说赞扬的话,博取别人恭维。

Mary: I'm such a bad cook!

Joan: No, don't be silly. You cooked a lovely dinner for us last night.

Jack: Don't pay any attention to her, Joan, she is just fishing for compliments.


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