Culture shock 文化差异震惊亚马逊学生

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Studying in New York is very different from this young man's origins. Find out more with Story of the Week.


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From the rainforest to the concrete jungle...

New York is where the son of the traditional chief of an indigenous community in Brazil has come to study. His dream is to speak English well and become a documentary film-maker.

It is a far cry from the village in the Amazon where Nilson Tuwe Huni Kui's people live.

Tuwe carries the responsibility of making his people's culture and problems known to the world.

Vocabulary 词汇:

rainforest 热带)雨林

concrete jungle 混凝土(指充高楼大厦的代城市

indigenous community 土著社区

a far cry from …相差很大

responsibility 职责

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