Go it alone 只身单干

更新时间 2013年 4月 2日, 星期二 - 格林尼治标准时间11:05
Silhouette of a woman standing in front of a standing stone sculpture

Japanese video and performance artist Mariko Mori displays her work Tom Na H-iu at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Photo: Stefan Wermuth/ Reuters


A popular saying in business circles is that you will never become rich by working for someone else.



To go it alone 用来形容某人做某事是自己一个人去做,没有其他人的帮忙。


Now that I have enough experience, I've decided to go it alone and start my own business.

I'm not ready to go it alone yet. I need another few years working in this company.

We don't need your help with the project. We'll go it alone and see what happens.


如果某人 feels alone, 就是说他感到很孤单,形单影只、感到孤助无援。

After she left me, I felt completely alone.


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