It's just not cricket! 绝对不公正!

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A cricket ball hitting the stumps and knocking off the bails.

The Twenty20 season gets underway this week in the Indian Premier League. Photo: BBC


The Indian Premier League is a professional league for Twenty20 cricket, a shorter form of the game which consists of only 20 overs. Nine teams take part in the league, with players from all over the world.



英语短语 "it's just not cricket"一般被用来形容某件事情或某种做法相当的不诚实或不公正。


I can't believe you got a ticket for the party and I didn't. It's just not cricket.

You can't copy your essay from the internet! It's just not cricket.

Diana admitted that she cheated in her A Level exams to get a place in a top university. It's just not cricket.


另一种相类似的说法,同样形容“不公正”或“不像话”的意思,是"it's just not on."

Peter calls in sick every Monday – it's just not on.


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