Bring someone back down to earth 回归现实

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The Russian Soyuz space capsule lands in Kazakhstan

The Russian Soyuz space capsule lands in Kazakhstan. Photo: AP/Sergei Remezov


Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, whose space capsule is pictured above returning to Earth, spent five months working in the International Space Station. During his time in space he kept hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers informed and entertained with pictures, and even made a music video of a David Bowie song.

加拿大航天员克里斯•哈德菲尔德(Chris Hadfield)在国际空间站里逗留了五个月时间后乘坐自己的太空舱告别了太空回到了地球。在国际空间站度过的这段时间里,他通过推特向自己成千上万的粉丝发送来自太空的图片,他还用大卫•鲍依 (David Bowie)的一首歌曲制作了首个太空音乐视频。


某事 brings you back down to earth 的意思就是这件事情使你从幻想中清醒过来,回到现实中。


I was dreaming of a safari holiday in Tanzania to see the elephants, the cheetahs, the hippos… then I looked at my bank balance and it brought me back down to earth pretty quickly!

Phil had a great time over the weekend. All the emails waiting for him in the office on Monday morning brought him back down to earth.


To bring the house down 这个短语用来形容艺人在演出时博得观众的满堂喝彩、掌声雷动。

The comedian brought the house down when he told the joke about the two frogs.


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