Croatia joins the EU 克罗地亚加入欧盟

更新时间 2013年 7月 4日, 星期四 - 格林尼治标准时间14:18

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Fireworks over the Croatian border

Fireworks light up the Croatian sky

欧盟现在共有28个成员国。在经过近十年的等待后,从本周一开始,克罗地亚正式成为欧盟成员国之一。上千人参加了在首都萨格勒布举行的庆祝仪式。不过参加庆祝的民众和外国首脑都对克罗地亚融入欧洲一体化进程的未来持谨慎观望态度。以下是 Guy De Launey 发来的报道:

As the clock struck midnight, the anthem of the European Union rang out across Zagreb's main square and at last Croatia completed its journey from combat zone of the former Yugoslavia to member of Europe's biggest club.

But this was not entirely an ode to joy. Zagreb's main square was hardly packed for most of the coming-out party. And that reflects the ambivalence many people here now feel about membership. After the prolonged economic crisis, the EU no longer looks like the promised land Croatia applied to join a decade ago.

Likewise, the new member's own economic troubles have caused concern among the other 27 states. Visiting foreign ministers stressed the EU's role as a builder of peace rather than prosperity. A good point, bearing in mind Croatia's recent past. But also, perhaps, a diplomatic fig-leaf.

Quiz 听力测验

1. What former country did Croatia previously belong to?


2. True or false? Croatia applied to join the EU five years ago.

False (it was 10 years ago).

3. What is it about Croatia that worries other members of the EU?

Its economic troubles.

4. Where in Zagreb did the main celebrations take place?

In the main square.

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