Andy Murray wins Wimbledon 穆雷温网夺冠

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Andy Murray

Andy Murray kisses the Wimbledon trophy

安迪·穆雷击败温网一号种子选手德约科维奇夺得英国77年来首次温网男单冠军,从而改写了历史。穆迪的这一胜利有可能使他成为世界收入最高的运动员之一。以下是BBC记者 Andrew Verity 的报道:

Andy Murray will collect £1.6m in prize money for (Sunday's) victory, but that's a modest sum compared with the amount he could earn now his status as a national sporting hero has been sealed. According to his manager, Simon Fuller, Murray's victory is no less a triumph than winning the top prize in football. And he's now admired not just as a sportsman but as a personality

Andy Murray's manager, Simon Fuller:

The public has warmed to Andy. As each year passes they understand him and they warm to him, and I think people got a little insight as to how big a heart he has and how sort of passionate he is about sport and what a truly great guy, and I think that, combined with winning on court, makes for a true superstar.

Murray's already earning £15m over five years from sportswear sponsorship and he was reckoned to be worth a total of £32m even before (Sunday's) victory. If he now exploits brand Murray to the full, marketing experts believe, he could earn £15m a year, making him one of the highest earning sportsmen in the world.

Quiz 听力测验

1. True or false? Andy Murray's manager thinks his success is not as important as winning the top prize in football.

False (Simon Fuller says Murray's victory is no less a triumph than winning the top prize in football.)

2. Following his win at Wimbledon, what do people now think his status in Britain is?

National sporting hero.

3. How much does Andy Murray already earn from sportswear sponsorship?

15 million pounds over five years.

4. Who thinks Andy Murray could become one of the highest earning sportsmen in the world?

Marketing experts.

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