To give someone some lip 出言不逊

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Women from the Suri tribe in Ethiopia use clay lip plates. From an early age, they pierce and stretch their lips to accommodate the plates. The size of a woman's plate determines the number of cows her family will receive when she marries.



To give someone some lip 的字面意思是给某人一些嘴唇,但实际表达的意思是顶嘴,出言不逊。


That rude young boy gave me some lip when I asked him to stop smoking.

She gave her neighbour some lip because she was in bad mood. Now he wants to move house!


另一个同嘴巴有关的成语是 to pay lip service 意思是说得好听,没有行动,甚至言不由衷。比如你说你支持什么事情,但实际并非如此。

The food industry is only paying lip service to government campaigns to make people eat a healthy diet. Their products are very high in salt and sugar.


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