To toy with 玩弄感情

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Collection of clockwork toys

A collection of clockwork toys, including a vintage looking Japanese robot, a monkey with cymbals and a shark


Factory-made toys, including tin toys and clockwork toys, went on sale in Britain in the 19th century. Other popular toys were alphabet bricks, sailing boats, jigsaw puzzles and Noah's Arks. In many homes, children were not allowed toys on Sundays - except Noah's Ark, because that was in the bible.



短语 to toy with 某人或某事表示对一个人的感情不认真、不看重,说得重一些就是玩弄感情。


Peter has been going out with Mary for five years and he never talks about marriage. He is just toying with her feelings.

I have been working hard to get that promotion but it never comes. My boss is toying with my expectations.


所谓 toyboy “玩具男孩”专指年纪比另一半小得多的小情郎。

Janet got divorced after 40 years of marriage and is enjoying her life with a toyboy on her arm.


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