Ace 一流的

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

(Feifei and Finn playing cards)

Feifei: 一个五。

Finn: I'm laying an eight.

Feifei: Hmm, 那我就来张丁钩。

Finn: (Faster pace) Queen!

Feifei: Ace! 尖儿!

Finn: OK OK, you go again!

Feifei: 哈哈, 这次我出 three sevens 三个七。

Finn: Wow, going bigger, are we?

Feifei: Absolutely! Come on then, what have you got?

Ace of spades card

Are you ace at playing cards?

Finn: I've got three kings! I bet you can't beat that?

Feifei: Hahaha! Check this out Finn - three Aces! (Very happy) 怎么样,我赢了吧,今天晚饭你请啦。

Finn: (Frustrated) Yes, yes, I know. I didn't know you were an ace card player, Feifei!

Feifei: What do you mean 'an ace' card player? I play other cards too! 我没有只出尖儿呀,刚才我不是先出了张五、一张丁钩、然后一个圈儿、俩四、还有三个...(interrupted)

Finn: No, no, no. I didn't mean literally 'an ace' card player. In English, we can use the word 'ace' as an adjective to mean 'very good, excellent, and awesome'.

Feifei: 噢,原来你是在说我的牌技很好。Thank you Finn, very kind of you. 在英语里,单词 ace 可以当形容词使用,意思是非常好、一流的。

Finn: Here are some examples using the word 'ace'.

  • This is an ace idea!
  • That is an ace laptop you've got!
  • Have you listened to Arctic Monkeys' new album? It's ace!
  • I'm ace at cooking!
  • Andy Murray is an ace tennis player!

Finn: So we can use 'ace' to describe an idea, a thing or a person. And you can say you're ace at doing something. So Feifei, do you like 斗地主?

Feifei: Yes, it’s ace!

Finn: Shall we have a game? I'm pretty ace at playing 斗地主。

Feifei: But it's time for dinner and you are paying!

Finn: One more game, then we'll go...

Feifei: No, let's go now, I'm hungry! Can we go to the new Thai restaurant that's just opened? I heard they serve ace tom yum soup!

Finn: OK, in that case, let's go now.

Feifei: Ace!

Finn: For more Authentic Real English, do check out our website Bye!

Feifei: See you next time!

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