The bare bones 梗概

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A Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the American Museum of Natural History, NYC

The skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the main attractions at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City


The T-Rex is one of the greatest carnivores - though not the largest - ever to have walked the Earth. The massive skull of this dinosaur measured 1.5 metres and was balanced by a long heavy tail. Thirty specimens have been recovered, some of which are almost complete.

T-Rex 霸王龙是一种大型的食肉性恐龙,但不是地球上见到过最大的恐龙。这只恐龙巨大的头颅骨长约1.5米,藉由其长而重的尾巴来保持平衡。人们已采集了30个化石样本,其中一些样本近乎完整。


The bare bones 的意思是某事或某情况的梗概、基本要素、重要部分。


The house was stripped to the bare bones after the tornado. All you could see were the walls and parts of the roof.

So far, you've only given me the bare bones of what happened. I need more details to fill in the report form properly.


短语 close to the bone 用来描述不客气的、不圆滑地或露骨地谈论关于某人或某事的真相,从而让他人感到非常不自在。

You shouldn't talk about marriage when Mary is around. It's too close to the bone. She has just left her husband.


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