Dancing makes you fit 跳舞使你健康

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Li dancing

Dancing is addictive!

Vocabulary: Dancing 词汇: 跳舞

If you think you have two left feet but would love to be a good dancer then why not try your hand at dancing?

That's exactly what I did five years ago and I immediately got the bug; I have stayed hooked ever since. To me, dancing is a magical experience: I've become fitter, look younger and feel more confident. I enjoy it so much that I will never give up this healthy pastime.

It's very sociable as well. You meet people and make new friends while dancing the night away. Haven't you heard stories about how dancing inspired new romances or rekindled old ones? My friends Joe and Rena just had their big day a few weeks ago after they met each other at a Ceroc workshop some three years before.

The word 'Ceroc' comes from the French language. It's best described as a fusion of salsa and jive, but without the complicated footwork, so it is more accessible to beginners. Another good thing about Ceroc is that while it is a partner dance, you don't have to bring a dancing partner.

Other popular styles of dancing in the UK include ballroom, belly dancing, lindy hop, salsa, tango and tap dancing, just to name a few.

No matter what types of dancing you do, one thing is guaranteed: you will become fitter. For office workers like me, dancing is good cardio exercise after a long day sitting in front of the computer screen. It also strengthens your muscles, improves your coordination and boosts your physical confidence.

Few people will end up being queens of the dance floor. The aim is not to win a competition but to enjoy the interaction. As long as you have a good repertoire of cool moves, keep the rhythm and most importantly maintain an encouraging smile to your dancing partners, you will always be a winner!

Quiz 测验

1. What does it mean if you have 'two left feet'?

It means you are not a very good dancer.

2. True or false? The writer has benefitted a lot from dancing.

True. The writer has become fitter, looks younger and feels more confident.

3. Where did Joe and Rena meet each other?

They met at a Ceroc workshop.

4. True or false? You need to bring a dancing partner along to a Ceroc workshop.

False. You don't need to bring a dancing partner to a Ceroc workshop.

5. Which is more important? To win a competition or to enjoy yourself?

It is more important to enjoy yourself.

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