In a spin 晕头转向

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An Egyptian spinning dancer

A dancer spins as he performs a tanoura - an Egyptian folk dance.


Tanoura dance is a form of folk dancing and comes from Egypt. It is usually performed by Sufi men, who spin continuously like the Whirling Dervishes from Turkey. The word tanoura means skirt in English.

转裙舞是来自埃及的一种民间舞。表演者通常是苏菲派男子,他们不停地旋转, 就像土耳其的旋转的托钵僧一样。Tanoura 这个词在英语里的意思是裙子。


短语 in a spin 指同时发生许多情况时晕头转向、不知如何是好。


The whole team was in a spin when their best player got a red card and was sent off.

My head's in a spin - I've got so much to do, I don't know where to start.


另一个短语 to put a spin on (something) 意思是某人对一件事加以渲染或添油加醋以便使其处于有利地位或博得别人对其产生好感。

The finance minister tried to put a spin on the story about rising inflation rates by suggesting it wasn't his fault.


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