Nazi stolen art found 德国一公寓内发现千余幅纳粹掠夺名画

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This Picasso artwork Guernica showed a German bombing during the Spanish Civil War

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据德国媒体报道,1500多幅出自毕加索、马蒂斯和夏卡尔之手的名画在慕尼黑的一所公寓里献身。据估计这批"失而复得"的画作价值约为13.5亿美元。请听驻柏林记者 Steve Evans 的报道。

The collection of works the Nazis stole from Jews was consigned to a dealer to be sold before the war. But the paintings then vanished; presumed destroyed.

The works consist of what the Nazis deemed 'degenerate art', that is, modern art. It now transpires that two years ago the authorities discovered this amazing and priceless collection in darkened rooms at the home of a reclusive relative of the pre-war dealer.

It seems the relative had been selling paintings occasionally, when he needed money. One work by the German expressionist Max Beckmann was sold two years ago for more than three-quarters of a million Euros.

The authorities have kept quiet, partly because ownership would be disputed. A mountain of litigation is no doubt on the way.

Quiz 听力测验

1. True or false? People thought the art, stolen by the Nazis, had been destroyed.

True. They were presumed destroyed.

2. How much is this art collection worth?

It is priceless. The collection is impossible to put a value on.

3. When was this art collection discovered?

Two years ago.

4. Why have the authorities not mentioned this discovery before?

They were worried there would a dispute about who owns it.

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