Crystal clear 清清楚楚的

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The script of this programme 本节目台词

Li: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语》节目,我是杨莉,我的搭档 Rob 也在这里。Hi Rob.

Rob: Hello Li.

Li: 我刚刚买了一个新衣橱,是平整式包装的,我不知道怎么组装,Rob 今天主动来帮我,太好了!So Rob, thanks for offering to help me build my new wardrobe. It's come in a hundred pieces and I don't know where to begin.

Rob: No problem Li, I'm happy to lend a hand. I'm great at building furniture!

Li: Good because the instructions seem so confusing. This bit here… doesn't fit… here.

Rob: Let's have a look. Give it to me. Let's look at these instructions. Yes, simple. It's crystal clear!

Li: Crystal clear? Rob 说什么水晶 clear! Rob, my wardrobe may look fancy but there are no crystals in it.

nuts and bolts

You'll need some of these if you're building a wardrobe

Rob: I know that. I just mean the instructions are obvious – they are simple and clear to understand. If we say something is crystal clear we simply mean it is very clear – just like high-quality glass. Is that clear?

Li: It is. 如果形容某事为 crystal clear 意思就是非常清楚,清清楚楚,很容易明白。 I suppose, literally it means as clear as a crystal?

Rob: Exactly. Let's hear some examples of this idiom in action:

  • The man's directions were crystal clear and we arrived at the station early.
  • Mum made it crystal clear that we wouldn't be going to the party.

Li: 从以上例句中我们可以判断出,crystal clear 的意思就是非常清楚,清清楚楚,很容易明白。But Rob, what I can't understand is why you find these instructions crystal clear and I can't?

Rob: That's easy - you had them upside down.

Li: Silly me!

Rob: But if you just put that piece of wood in there... and put a screw in there... and hook the doors onto there... your wardrobe will be complete. Is that clear?

Li: Crystal clear!

Rob: Good. But as I'm here now, I'll finish it for you. (Noises of Rob building wardrobe) There you go... what do you think?

Li: (Tapping the wood) Yes, it seems quite solid... oh no...

(Wardrobe collapses)

Li: Oh dear. 现在我可是真正地明白了。

Rob: Oh yes, what's that?

Li: I will never ask for you to help me build a wardrobe again. Is that clear?

Rob: Crystal!

Both: Bye.

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