Use your loaf 动动脑子

更新时间 2014年 1月 21日, 星期二 - 格林尼治标准时间11:19

The script of this programme 本节目台词

Rob: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English with me Rob and a very hungry-looking Li.

Li: (mouth full of food) Hello.

Rob: Erm, Li, you're talking with your mouth full. Can you wait till lunchtime please?

Li: No I can't - I'm starving.

Rob: Well, be careful - you're making such a mess in here.

Li: Ever since I started jogging before work, I just have to eat a big snack mid-morning or I feel faint by lunchtime.

Loaves of bread

Use your loaf!

Rob: Well, maybe, but you know you're not supposed to eat food in the studio. It's a really bad idea - you could damage the equipment. Oh no - look! There's salad and mayonnaise all over the recording desk! Li, use your loaf!

Li: Use my loaf? Yes, that's a good idea. If I use bread, I can make a sandwich, which will be much tidier.

Rob: No, I mean use your brain - think about things before you do them!

Li: Eh?

Rob: In English, if you are slightly annoyed with someone because they are doing something they haven't thought about properly, you can say 'use your loaf'.

Li: Oh I see. 如果某人因事先不动脑筋而做了错事,你就可以说 use your loaf “动动脑筋”。这里 loaf 一词指的是头脑、脑子,不是面包。

Rob: That's right. It's a little old-fashioned but it's still something you might hear. My parents or grandparents would use it for when I did something a bit... stupid.

Li: 这是个老式通俗表达,不过现在偶尔还会听到有人使用。比如 Rob 的父母或祖父母这一辈的人在 Rob 做傻事的时候就会用这句话来教训他。请听例句:

  • Old man: Use your loaf, son. Don't ride your bike on the motorway at night without lights. You'll get yourself killed.
  • Dad: Why oh why oh why were you playing football in your school trousers?! Use your loaf! You have holes in your knees again!
  • Child: Sorry, Daddy.

Li: So, 'use your loaf' means think about things before you do them otherwise you will make silly mistakes.

Rob: Yes, that's right. So Li, use your loaf and stop eating food in the studio.

Li: Yes, next time I'll use my loaf and eat sandwiches.

Rob: No, don't eat food of any kind in the studio - not even sandwiches.

Li: But sandwiches are nice and tidy.

Rob: No they're not. You'll get lots of little crumbs everywhere.

Li: How about an apple?

Rob: No! Juice might drip!

Li: A banana?

Rob: No Li... oh goodness!

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