Mysterious ocean sound 破解南冰洋海域神秘“鸭”叫声

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Image caption The strange noise was recorded in the sea around the Antarctic

在南冰洋海域里,一种诡异鸭叫声在过去50年里一直困扰着科学家们。不过据最新一篇发表在《皇家学会报告生物学报》里的文章称,此秘密已被破解。请听 Rebecca Morelle 的报道。

This is the noise that's puzzled scientists for more than 50 years. The mysterious sound can be heard in the winter in the seas around Antarctica and Australia.

It's nicknamed "the bio-duck" by those who think it sounds like a duck quacking.

Now researchers say acoustic recorders attached to two Antarctic minke whales have revealed that the bizarre noise is the animal's underwater chatter.

Scientists say solving this long-standing mystery will help them to learn more about these little-studied mammals and help them to establish where the whales can be found.