Middle East virus possibly spread by camels 中东病毒可能源于骆驼

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Image caption Camels head across the desert: could they be carrying the MERS virus?

沙特阿拉伯相关部门就一种已导致100多人死亡的病毒发出警告,称此病毒可能来源于骆驼。到目前为止,沙特阿拉伯境内已有近500人感染了这种被称为中东呼吸综合症的病毒。以下是 Sebastian Usher 为 BBC 发来的报道。

Saudis who handle camels have been told to wear protective clothing - masks and gloves. In a statement, the Ministry of Agriculture advised people to avoid contact with the animals if they can and to drink only boiled camel milk.

The Ministry is responding to increasing concern from health experts that camels are the likeliest carriers of the SARS-like virus, MERS, which has spread across much of the Middle East, but is at its most virulent in Saudi Arabia.

The camel remains a key part of traditional Saudi life. Some farmers have scoffed at the warnings, with one posting a video of himself hugging and kissing his camels, asking one to sneeze into his face.