To be snookered 被骗了

Alex Higgins in action
Image caption Alex Higgins was one the greatest snooker players. He was famous for his fast play and was nicknamed Hurricane Higgins


斯诺克 snooker 是一种台球运动。Snooker 的动词形式有欺骗的意思。如果我们说某人被 snookered,意思就是那个人被骗了。


I was snookered by a fake internet company – I paid one hundred pounds for a handbag but never received anything!

This email says I will receive ten thousand pounds if I hand over my bank details – do you think someone's trying to snooker me?


短语 pot shot 可以用来表达批评某人,尤其是在此人已经成为大家的抨击对象时。


The scandal allowed the opposition to take a pot shot at the government.