Glass half full 乐观性格

a glass of whisky and a glass of red wine

What do you think? Are they half empty or half full?


当你看到一个杯子里有半杯水,你会说这个杯子是 half full 还是 half empty 呢?你的选择将显示你的性格取向和世界观。如果你说 the glass is half full, 那么你就是个乐观主义者;如果你选择 the glass is half empty, 那你应该是个相对比较悲观的人。


He’s a glass half full kind of person. He always sees challenges as opportunities.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

Billy never gives up. Even when he lost his shoe making business he saw the glass as half full, and started a newer, more successful one.


如果你透过 rose-tinted glasses 粉色墨镜来看一个人或物,这就意味着你只看到这个人或物好的一面,而没有看到不好的一面。


Anna's new boyfriend is good looking, but not very nice. She can't see it, though. She just sees her relationship with him through rose-tinted glasses.