Ebola airport checks 英国将对机场旅客进行埃博拉病毒检测


Image caption Scientists are trying to develop a vaccine against Ebola

媒体英语会带大家一起学习 BBC 撰稿人在报道世界大事时常用到的单词和短语。

埃博拉病毒已造成3000多人丧生,7200多人被感染,绝大多数病例都出在非洲。由于越来越多的病例在非洲以外的国家被发现,因此英国政府正在考虑是否需要在英国各大机场进行健康安全筛查来防止埃博拉病毒进入英国。请听 BBC 记者 Richard Galpin 的报道。

Speaking in a BBC interview, the defence secretary, Michael Fallon, said the advice from the World Health Organisation was for screening to be done at airports in West Africa from where passengers intend to fly abroad.

But other senior ministers say, if the advice changes, then checking passengers arriving at British airports for signs of fever will go ahead.

Earlier, the Labour MP Keith Vaz, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, had called on the government to follow the example of the United States and start screening at major airports.

A man from Liberia who’d arrived in the US state of Texas last month, has now died from Ebola. Meanwhile an Australian nurse, who flew back home after treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, is now in quarantine in hospital in the northern town of Cairns.