UK to lead Moon landing in 10 years 英国牵头十年登月计划

媒体英语会带大家一起学习 BBC 撰稿人在报道世界大事时常用到的单词和短语。

Image caption Would you send a strand of your hair to be buried on the Moon?


一家由英国领头的联合集团计划向公众筹资,在10年内将一个探测器送上月球。登月计划需要向公众筹资5亿英镑。作为回报,捐款者可以在探测器专门提供的数据储存空间里存入个人的照片,录像和短信等信息。以下是 BBC 记者 Pallab Ghosh 发来的报道:

Lunar Mission One aims to survey the Moon’s south pole to see if a human base can be set up in the future. What makes this idea different from other lunar missions is that it is to be funded largely by donations from the members of the public.

In return, donors will have digital storage space on the lander for their own personal messages, pictures, music and videos. They will also be able to send up a strand of their hair, which the project team claim could survive for a billion years.

The lander will also contain a public digital archive of human history and science, which we compiled as a legacy to continue even if our species becomes extinct.