EU investment plan 欧盟主席公布巨额投资方案重振欧盟经济

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Image caption Can the plan help start economic growth?


欧盟委员会主席让-克洛德 •容克公布了一项用于复苏欧洲经济的方案。此方案将投资3150亿欧元以刺激欧洲经济增长。以下是 BBC 记者 Damian Grammaticas 从布鲁塞尔发回的报道:

This plan is the centrepiece of the European Union’s new efforts to stimulate investment, growth and jobs across the continent. The EU’s executive led by Jean-Claude Juncker, who took over as president of the European Commission less than a month ago, has promised to make reviving Europe’s sluggish economy a priority.

Observers though will be watching to see how much of the promised €300bn worth of investment will actually be new money. In fact the EU’s contribution according to officials will be just €20bn to €30bn. The idea: to use that as 'seed money' to entice private backers to put up ten times as much in funds.

The EU would bear the initial risks of any projects and it would take the burden off countries to come up with money themselves. But some have suggested the scheme is far too small and needs much more hard cash if it's to make a major difference.