Santa on a window ledge in Berlin

Spiderman Santa 圣诞老人变身蜘蛛侠


Not something you see every day: Santa abseiling down a 100-metre-tall building in Berlin.

He claims he was retrieving a sack of presents which had fallen from his sleigh.

The mishap meant children got an early treat as Father Christmas climbed through a cafe window to hand out presents and sing an impromptu festive song.

All in a day's work for Santa, who still had time to entertain crowds on the street, before heading off to prepare for Christmas Day.

Vocabulary 词汇:

abseiling 沿绳滑下

sleigh 雪橇

mishap 小不幸

impromptu 即兴的,无准备的

all in a day's work 日常工作的一部分