Killing time 消磨时间


The script of this programme 本节目台词

Image caption When do you have to kill time?

Neil: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English from BBC Learning English. I'm Neil and with me today is Helen (crashing noises). Um, Helen what are you doing?

Helen: Oh I'm just stamping on this clock.

Neil: Yes, I can see that you are really... destroying that clock. My question is... why?

Helen: 你不是告诉我说你要晚一点到吗?

Neil: Yes, I had to delay things by an hour.

Helen: 然后我问你在等你的时候我应该干什么,对吧?

Neil: Yes that's right.

Helen: 然后你就告诉我要 killing time,不是吗?

Neil: Well, I did tell you to kill time, but I didn't mean destroy a clock. In English, when you say you are 'killing time', it means you are doing something that isn't really important just to occupy yourself before the start of your next plan or arrangement.

Helen: 我哪知道是这个意思呀,原来 killing time 并没有杀害或破坏的含义。Killing time 的意思是消磨时间。Neil 以为我明白他的意思,一边等他,一边找点什么事情做,消磨打发时间。Here are some examples.


  • I turned up an hour early for my flight, so I just looked at the duty free to kill some time.
  • I had an hour between work and meeting my friends so I killed some time in a department store.
  • I always arrive hours early for job interviews. I'd rather have to kill time than deal with the stress of being late!

Neil: So Helen, you can stop smashing up that poor clock now.

Helen: But you know what? I'm quite enjoying it.

Neil: It looks like you are enjoying it... and it looks quite fun. Do you mind if I...?

Helen: Not at all... join me. (smashing)

Neil: Actually, this is the most fun I've ever had killing time!

Helen: Me too! Join us again soon for some more Authentic Real English.

Neil: Bye! (smash)