At the movies 看电影


The script of this programme 本节目台词

Image caption A cinema: the place for dreams!

Neil: Hello. I’m Neil. In this programme, we're going to talk about movies. What kind of movies do you like, Feifei?

Feifei: I love romcoms, Neil! 我喜欢看 “Romcom 浪漫爱情片”。Romcom 是个名词,它是由单词 romantic comedy 组成的一个合成词。What about you, Neil, what sort of movies do you like the most?

Neil: Well, I can’t resist a ‘whodunnit’. 'Whodunnit' is short for ‘who has done it’. The point of these films is for the audience to try to guess who committed a serious crime – usually murder.

Feifei: Ah, you like detective movies! 单词 whodunnit 也是个名词,它是短语 “who has done it” 的缩写,意思是“凶杀悬疑片”。侦探在推理过程中就会用 “who has done it” 作为线索引子。说到这儿,让我想起了神探福尔摩斯。

Neil: Yes, ‘romcom’ and ‘whodunnit’ are today’s expressions in Authentic Real English. And ... there’s one more. Now, see if you can guess: (sounding like a robot) Hello. I’m a robot sent from the future to prevent war and destruction!

Feifei: A sci-fi movie! Sci-fi 是 science fiction 的缩写,就是我们熟知的“科幻片”。I love science fiction too. But sometimes it’s scary!

Neil: (sounding like a robot) Well, there's no need to be scared … I can’t keep doing that… There’s no need to be scared of BBC Learning English because we explain everything to you so clearly. Let's hear some examples of today’s three movie-related expressions.


  • My favourite sci-fi movie is Star Wars. I can’t wait for the next film in the series!
  • I’m catching a movie with my friends after work. We’re going to watch the latest romcom.
  • Alfred Hitchcock was the master of the whodunnit. Nobody makes better films in that genre than he did!

Feifei: That’s it! 我去买爆米花!

Neil: And I’m going to buy some drinks!

Feifei: Let’s catch a movie! A sci-fi?

Neil: (sounding like a robot) Yes, indeed! We are going to catch a movie… I am a robot who came from the future to catch a movie with you, Feifei…

Feifei: 瞧你这演技,能获奥斯卡奖了!Let’s go! Bye!

Neil: See you soon.