Go it alone 只身单干

A man paddle surfing in California
Image caption A man doing stand up paddle surfing alone in Malibu, California


To go it alone 可形容一个人做事情自己做,没有其他人的帮忙,单干。


Now that I have enough experience, I've decided to go it alone and start my own business.

I'm not ready to go it alone yet. I need another few years working in this company to gain more experience.

We don't need your help with the project. We'll go it alone and see what happens.


Alone 做形容词时可表达很多意思,其中包括“某人感到孤单,孤苦伶仃的;独自的;单独的,等等。


After she left me, I felt completely alone.

I enjoy being alone sometimes.

Just the dress alone is going to break my bank, never mind the shoes to go with it.