Sleep on it 睡一觉 考虑一下


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Image caption Would you need to think about sleeping on this bed?

The script of this programme 本节目台词

Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听由 BBC 英语教学制作的《地道英语》节目。我是冯菲菲。

Neil: ...and I'm Neil. Hello. We're out shopping today, aren't we Feifei?

Feifei: Yes Neil, Neil 的床坏了,让我陪他一起去买张新床。家具店里有这么多款式的床,我都看花眼了。So Neil, look at all these beds - there are so many to choose from but which one do you want to buy?

Neil: Well, that one there is massive but it wouldn't fit through my front door!

Feifei: 那边那张床挺便宜的,不过看起来好像不很结实啊。

Neil: Hey, look at this one... a water bed! Listen to the sound it makes!

Feifei: 水床?哎呀,别开玩笑了。但这你说这么多不同款式,对于我这样有选择困难症的人来说好难呀。我看还得你自己拿主意了。

Neil: Well, Feifei, I'll have to sleep on it.

Feifei: Neil! You can't sleep on that water bed - you haven't bought it yet - 你说你,想在水床上睡一觉,体验一下,这有点儿怪吧,and anyway, you haven't brought your pyjamas!

Neil: Relax Feifei - I'm not going to sleep here in the shop - that would be embarrassing! When someone says they're going to sleep on it, they mean they're going to spend some time thinking about something before making a final decision.

Feifei: 我就说吗,怎么能在公众场合说躺下就躺下呢。原来,英语表达 to sleep on it 用来表示把一个尚需解决的问题暂时搁放,等花时间仔细考虑清楚后再做最后决定。

Neil: Right! So I'm going to think about which is the best bed to buy and come back in the morning, OK? Let's hear some other examples of the phrase 'to sleep on it'...


  • We couldn't decide which car to buy so we decided to sleep on it - we didn't want to buy the wrong one!
  • Thanks for your job offer but I need some time to think about it. Let me sleep on it and I'll give you an answer tomorrow.
  • He told me he'd have to sleep on it before he could agree to my request for a pay rise.

Feifei: 形象的来说就是“睡一觉,考虑清楚再做决定” to sleep on it... hmm... but why 'sleep'?

Neil: Because usually you think about your decision overnight - you literally go to sleep before waking up the next day and deciding what to do, when you've had more rest.

Feifei: 之所以用 sleep on it 是因为很多时候当我们举棋不定,拿不定注意的时候,都会暂时不做决定,睡一觉等第二天考虑清楚了后才 make a final decision 做最后决定。It sounds like a good idea but hold on Neil...

Neil: What's wrong?

Feifei: You can't 'sleep on it' overnight because you haven't got a bed to sleep on!

Neil: Let's not lose sleep over it - you've got a spare bed haven't you?

Feifei: What?!

Neil: It's another idiom Feifei but I'll explain it another time. Come on let's go.

Both: Bye.