The penny dropped 话终于听明白了


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Image caption An expression from the days pennies were put in slots

The script of this programme 本节目台词

Feifei: I love this shop, Rob! 这家店铺真是我的大爱!It has everything you need and then things you don't even know you need. Look at this suitcase! Real leather. Very smart. I'm getting the beige one. Take the black one for yourself, Rob.

Rob: I can't buy anything at the moment, Feifei. I haven't got any money.

Feifei: You should save some money so you can buy things like this. Here - this one is a bit smaller and costs less... Oh, mine is big and luxurious though...

Rob: You see, I saved some money, but I lent it to a friend last month and I'm still waiting to be paid back.

Feifei: Oh, Rob. 你可不能随便就借钱给你不熟悉的人。You shouldn't lend money to just anybody... Oh! I love that handbag too...

Rob: Really?! Yes, last month someone came to me and said she needed some cash desperately for the rent.

Feifei: Oh... Oh, that's right! It was me... Sorry, Rob. 真是不好意思,上个月我借了 Rob 的钱,还没还。

Rob: Well, finally the penny dropped!

Feifei: Penny dropped? 在哪儿掉钱了?没钱还掉钱!You shouldn't be dropping your pennies if you need cash! Let me help you get them.

Rob: It's not on the floor, Feifei. In English when we say 'the penny dropped' we mean somebody has finally realised or understood something.

Feifei: 在英语里表达里,如果某人说 the penny dropped,那意思就是“恍然大悟,话终于听明白了” Well, let's hear some examples of how this expression is used.


  • Susan keeps postponing the wedding, Joe. When is the penny going to drop? She doesn't love you!
  • If your boss doesn't appreciate you why not leave a job advert from another company on your desk? That will make the penny drop!

Feifei: The penny drops 是个非正式的口语表达,很有趣的一个说法。I'll pay you back, Rob. I promise.

Rob: Thank you. I'm glad because I want to buy one of these suitcases and they cost a pretty penny.

Feifei: Oh! Enough penny expressions for today, Rob. Bye.

Rob: Bye bye!