Top of the heap 冠绝群雄

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Image caption Wedding love padlocks on the Luzhkov bridge in Moscow. Photo: Oleg Mikhailov/ BBC Russian Service


如果你被形容为 top of the heap 那就是说你在财富、权利或能力上胜人一筹,冠绝群雄。


Minchee is now the CEO at an accountancy firm. I always knew she would get to the top of the heap.

When it comes to photographers, Barbara is at the top of the heap. She's won so many awards.


如果说某事或某人是 on the scrap heap 意思就是此事或人已经被遗弃。


Marco was the first choice goalkeeper at his football club for many years. But when he got old, the manager bought a younger player and Marco ended up on the scrap heap.