Ask for the moon 异想天开

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Image caption One of the Appollo missions to the moon


短语 to ask for the moon 直译是要天上的月亮,实际意思是说某人提出过分的要求,想要得不到的东西或是想做做不到的事儿。


Bob's wife is always asking for the moon. He works hard 12 hours a day for poor pay, but she still expects expensive holidays and clothes.

Don't ask for the moon, Mr Jones. Be reasonable, please.


短语 to promise the moon to someone 的意思是向某人答应办不到的事儿,也就是汉语里常说的空口许愿。


My husband promised me the moon when we got married: a big mansion, a flashy car and all the diamonds I could wear. But none of it happened!