Show your face 露面

A woman at Holi Image copyright ThinkStock
Image caption A woman has coloured powder applied to her face during celebrations of Holi, the festival of colours


Show one's face 的意思是“在公共场合露面、露脸”,尽管有时你不受欢迎。


How dare you show your face in this restaurant after having left without paying last time you ate here!

Mary wasn't keen on leaving her house after her husband's death but we insisted that she showed her face at family gatherings.

I don't really want to go to that party. I'm just going to show my face and then leave.


短语 put on a brave face 的意思是“扮出一副勇敢面孔,装出若无其事的样子”。

Mr Jones put on a brave face in spite of having been made redundant from his job of 20 years.

The British have a reputation for putting on a brave face even in times of war.