Toilet terms 厕所词汇

更新时间 2012年 3月 29日, 星期四 - 格林尼治标准时间15:16

Audio: Toilet terms 厕所词汇

A Question and Answer of the Week programme on vocabulary about going to the toilet.


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"Can someone help me with regard to the phrases 'pass urine', 'pass motion'. In a preschool setting, teachers frequently ask the children "Who wants to pass urine?" or "Did you pass motion?" I normally would ask my children, "Who wants to use the toilet?" Please advise what is the correct phrase or expression to use?"

Joranna, Singapore

Talking about going to the toilet can be an awkward subject. What should we say? Our question this week is about asking children to go to the toilet.

Normally there is no need to be explicit and sometimes people use euphemisms to describe the act of going to toilet. For example, "going to the little boys' room".

Joranna's question mentioned a teacher talking about 'passing urine' or 'passing motion'. These are very technical terms but what do they mean? Join Rob and Li for an explanation.

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