Adverbs 副词

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Adverbs 副词

A Q&A programme about how to use adverbs.


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"I know how to use adverbs in this way in which adverbs after verbs. But I don't know how to understand when adverbs plus adjectives. In our daily life language, adverbs play an important role, so that makes me very confused!"

Sun Ling, from ShenZhen

Helen can barely contain her excitement, because she's going to an absolutely brilliant concert.

Do you know what words like 'barely' and 'absolutely' are called in English? These are adverbs, and they're used to describe how we do things. Look at the bold adverbs in this example:

I was incredibly scared because he was driving extremely fast. But afterwards he said sorry so nicely that I quickly forgave him.

In this week's Question and Answer of the Week, Rosie and Helen talk about how adverbs are used to describe a verb or an adjective.

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