Plurality of numbers 英语量词复数使用方法

更新时间 2013年 4月 4日, 星期四 - 格林尼治标准时间11:31

Audio: Plurality of numbers 英语数字使用方发

A Q&A programme about plural numbers and measurements.


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"I would like to know something about the authentic usage of plurality of numbers. Is it: minus two degree, or minus two degrees; two point two three yard, or two point two three yards? On blogs or microblogs, is it minus one character left, or minus one characters left? And do we say zero kilometre, or zero kilometres? Thank you!"

Erik from Taipei

Do you know when numbers and measurements should be single or plural?

Should we say: 'minus two degree', or is it 'minus two degrees'?

Do we say 'two point two three yard', or is it 'two point two three yards'?

In this Question and Answer of the Week, Feifei and Catherine answer Erik's question about this topic and give some rules for talking about plurality of numbers.

Listen to the programme and download the script to find out more.

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