Demolish vs destroy 拆毁还是毁灭?


Demolish and destroy 都是常用词,似乎都有“毁坏”的意思。但并不是在所有情况下都可以互换使用。那么这两个词都有哪些异同?用法有何区别?节目里有大量例句和详解。

以下仅为其中的四个例句,你能用 demolish 或 destroy 的正确形式完成下列句子吗?答案就在本页面下方。

Did you say you are going to _________ the old building to build a new school?

Constant arguing between them has _________ the marriage.

The kids were so hungry that they simply _________ the turkey.

All hopes of a peaceful settlement were _________ by the shooting incident.

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