Dog Special 狗图特辑

更新时间 2012年 3月 12日, 星期一 - 格林尼治标准时间15:40
  • Yorkshire Terrier with a red bow
    "This red bow is really cramping my style! I wanted to wear purple." (英语短语 cramps your style 意思是妨碍阻拦了你想做的事情。)
  • A poodle stands on its back legs
    "Look, I can stand on my back legs. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" (英语短语 You can't teach an old dog new tricks 不能教老狗学新把戏;让守旧的人接受新事物。)
  • An owner puts hairspray on her poodle
    "Ouch! This is hurting my eyes, but you know what they say: No pain, no gain!" (英语短语 No pain, no gain 意思是不付出努力,不辛苦,就不会有收获。)
  • "Did you have to copy my hairstyle again? You’re such a copycat!" (在英语里如果你称某人为 copycat 的时候意思是说这个人做事在模仿别人。)
  • "That leopard print suits you, darling!" "And that blue collar looks great on you." (当人们说什么东西或衣服 suits you 或 looks great on you 的时候,意思就是什么东西或衣服适合于你。)
  • "I hope I win a prize. All this suspense is hair-raising!" (Hair-raising 意思是令人害怕,提心吊胆的。)
  • "This judge is getting on my nerves… but I can't turn my nose up at that prize." (英语短语 turn your nose up at something 意思是不屑一顾。)
  • "Look at her in those ridiculous pyjamas – she’s dressed up like a dog's dinner!" (当一个人穿衣服太花哨或俗气的时候英语里有句短语就是 a dog’s dinner.)
  • "Look at the trophy I've won. Now I'm going to let my hair down and have some fun!" (英语短语 let your hair down 意思是放松地享受时光。)

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