This week in the British Isles 本周英伦

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  • Oak tree painted pink
    As part of the art and sculpture exhibition 艺术和雕塑展览 at Delamore Estate in England's West Country, the artist Henry Bruce has painted a massive skeletal 21 metre high oak tree 橡树fluorescent pink 荧光粉红色to celebrate the beauty of nature and the evolving life of trees.
  • Queen Elizabeth II And The Duke Of Edinburgh Present Colours To 1st Battalion And 7 Company  of The Coldstream Guards
    Members of the 1st Battalion and No. 7 Company of the Coldstream Guards 寒流卫队raise their bearskins 熊皮帽 as they give three cheers for Queen Elizabeth II after being presented with their new colours 新的卫队颜色 at Windsor Castle.
  • Flooded river near Glastonbury, UK
    The River Brue in flood 洪水泛滥, as it winds it's way along the Somerset Levels and towards Glastonbury in the English county of Somerset. England and Wales are facing fresh flood fears 新的洪水警告 after heavy rain lashed 急降 southern Britain this week following the wettest April since records began.
  • A Sea King helicopter comes in to land on HMS Ocean
    A Sea King helicopter 直升飞机 comes in to land on HMS Ocean as it heads towards the River Thames and London, ahead of a major security exercise 一次大型安保演习 in preparation for the Olympic Games. It will berth at Greenwich in east London where it will act as a launch pad 发射台 for eight Lynx helicopters and a base for Royal Marine snipers 狙击手。
  • A steam train being used in a scene for a film
    Actor Jeremy Irvine films a scene 一个片断 on a station platform next to a steam train on the set of the film The Railway Man 铁路人being filmed at B'oness railway station in Central Scotland.
  • A voter leaves a polling station
    A voter 一位投票者 leaves a polling station 一个投票站 in Glasgow, as people across the UK went to the polls this week to elect their local councillors 当地议员and some cities, including London, have been voting for a new Mayor 新市长。
  • World snooker championships
    Matthew Stevens of Wales in action 在行动中 against Ronnie O'Sullivan of England during the World Snooker Championship semi-final match 世界斯诺克锦标赛半决赛 at the Crucible Theatre in the English city of Sheffield.
  • Performers take part in the Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh
    Performers take part in the Beltane Fire Festival 篝火节 in Edinburgh. The annual event is inspired 受启发 by the pre-Christian spring-time festival and is intended to emphasise a connection with the passing of the seasons 季节之间的联接。

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