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  • Costumed pandas in London
    Not your usual 普通的 tube passenger. These costumed 盛装打扮的 pandas on the platform 站台 at the Charing Cross tube station in central London were on their way to celebrate 庆祝 the launch of Panda Awareness Week.
  • Tower Bridge
    Come rain or come shine 不论刮风还是下雨 London is already in Olympic games mode 心情 as its official symbol is placed over the famous Tower Bridge.
  • Serena Williams
    The girl still has it! 风采犹存! American tennis star Serena Williams defeated 击败了 Victoria Azarenka of Belarus in their women's semi-final tennis match at Wimbledon. The American tennis star seeks 力求获得 a fifth singles title in the famous tournament.
  • Greenwich
    Dancers from the English National Ballet, the Scottish Ballet and the National Dance Company Wales attend a photocall 拍照 for "Dance GB" at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich. London has been promoting many of its artistic assets in the run-up 前夕 to the Olympics.
  • Exhibition in London
    It is half a century since the film franchise 系列影片for the world's best-known spy began. To mark his heroic 英雄般的 efforts for his country, the Barbican Centre in London is celebrating by showcasing 展示 the design and style behind James Bond. It features a model of the iconic 标志性的 image of a woman painted in gold from the film 'Goldfinger'.
  • Athena sculpture in London
    The 12-metre high goddess Athena sculpture, designed by British-Pakistani artist Nasser Azam, will greet 同参观者打招呼 visitors that reach 抵达 the capital through London City Airport.
  • The Shard
    And the European Union's highest building is now a British one. Known as The Shard 碎片大厦 it was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and it stands 高高耸立 310 meters tall on London's Southbank. It was formally inaugurated this week with a laser show 激光表演 streamed live 网络直播 on the internet.

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