This week in the British Isles 本周英伦图辑

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Photo gallery: A week in the British Isles

  • cabbage horse and rider
    A racehorse and jockey made from edible 可食的 Yorkshire farm produce 农作物 attracts attention from race-goers 看赛马的观众 during day one of the 2012 Ebor Festival at York Racecourse.
  • Girls showing their henna on their hands.
    Young Muslim girls show their hands decorated with henna 印度纹身 after attending prayers on Eid Al-Fitr 开斋节 at the Regent’s Park Mosque 清真寺 in London.
  • Zoo keeper and a penguin
    The annual weigh in at London Zoo. The height and mass 体重 of every animal in the zoo, of which there are over 16,000, needs to be recorded.
  • A vintage car
    Don’t hold up the traffic. This is an original 原造(版的)car from the famous classic film 经典电影Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 《飞天万能车》。 After a reported 500,000 pound restoration 修复 job, its proud owner can now show it off on real roads.
  • Robots in action
    Plymouth University’s robots 机器人 at the FIRA International RoboWorldCup. The robots are to compete in competitions that include climbing 攀高, weightlifting, football, sprinting 短跑 and the marathon 马拉松.
  • Scouts trying to light the Paralympic torch.
    Scouts 童子军队员 trying the traditional technique of rubbing flint 打火石 together to create the Northern Irish Flame. It will be used to light a Paralympic Torch 残奥会火炬 on top of Slieve Donard in Co Down, the highest peak 巅峰 in Northern Ireland.

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