Negotiating 商议

更新时间 2012年 9月 5日, 星期三 - 格林尼治标准时间10:42
Anna and Tom

Episode 30: Negotiating 商议

An English at Work programme about negotiating.


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Episode 30: Two heads are better than one! 两人合作智慧多

The company in France that Anna called earlier has returned her call. She hopes they're about to place an order which could help save Tip Top Trading from closure. But this deal will involve some negotiation and Anna needs some help.


法国的公司同意从 Tip Top Trading 购买什么商品?


Glossary 词汇

This week's programme focuses on what to say when negotiating a deal with a client.

Phrases from the programme 节目中出现的短语:

What kind of price are you willing to pay? 你准备付多少钱?

I don't think we can go that low. 我们的价格不可能那么低。

If you buy more stock, I can offer you a bigger discount. 如果你买得多,我就能再多给你点儿折扣。

I'll meet you half way. 我们双方都让步一半吧。


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