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Love is a chord in life, not a solo.I wish you injoy it! 刘开宇, 中国 淮南

祝:一生一世一双人,从此,快乐幸福一生! 杨锦, 中国 云南昆明

It is so news delighted to hear of your marriage. Let me join the choir congratulations and good wishes. You are such a handsome prince, we won't forget you. Best wishes to you and wish you a lifetime of happiness 高寒, 四川 乐山沙湾

从远方带来我的祝福,伴随着清风,伴随着山峰,伴随着大海,寄到你们的手里.虽然不能见证,但我相信那一定是一场属于公主和王子的美丽童话吧. 叶振东 湖南 常德,


也祝皇室越来越兴旺.有时间来中国度度蜜月吧.o(∩_∩)o...哈哈 叶东, 中国湖南

Dear new couple, its wonderful to find out that the rephrase of your two names is a nice Chinese wedding congratulation sentence: KATE WILLIAM =>WL te lai ai KM (WL特来爱KM)Or KM te lai ai WL, means you are coming to this world for loving each other!And its becoming true now!Best Su, Germany




柯来发, 中国上海

To stay together till death and end

for far, for near, hand, oath, accord:

never alive, will we keep that word. 鲍凯莉 中国 苏州


Keicy Xi, China, Shanghai

执她之手,与她偕老。希望两人的婚姻生活幸福美满。 翁晶晶, 中国 福建福州

尊敬的威廉王子您好:欣闻您即將喜結良缘,我在遥远的哈尔滨祝福您: 希望是一种甜蜜的等待;想念是一份温馨的心情;朋友是一世修来的福分;爱情是一世难解的缘分;愿你未来一帆风顺,开心时能想起我的祝福。

韩云鹏, 中国哈尔滨

威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿的婚礼应该具有鲜明的英国皇家传统,婚礼注重对自由爱情的元素,人们必将永远记忆威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿自由恋爱这段最终走入的婚姻殿堂这段佳话,全世界的人们将会祝福他们婚姻美满,真爱永恒,祝福他们~ 胡超, 中国 南宁

送上暖love love的祝福,愿 王子与未来王妃像童话般的甜蜜,从此过着幸福快乐的日子! May people all over the world feel your sweet sweet. Best wishes!

Zita, 中国 广东深圳

Hope to be the lucky one and share the happiness together. 刘炼, 中国 重庆

决不是财富能把知足、宁静和快乐买到;相爱相恋中的伴侣的幸福,才是世上的至宝! Wealth can not buy content,serenity and joy; Happiness of couples fallen in love is the most valuable treasure in the world! 罗成, 中国 上海

八年爱情成正果,百载携手创辉煌。 Sean Cheng, Edmonton, Canada


肖学雯, 中国 天津

Take your heart and put it next to hers for as long as they both beat. Take your dreams and blend them with hers until they all come true. Take your love and mixs it with hers until the sun goes cold. Wish you both a perfect marriage and happly ever after like all the fairy tale.

Lu Ye, London,England

You are a perfect match.My best wishes to the two of you for a happy marriage filled with all the good things. Forever love. 刘爱萍, 天津市红桥区

Prince William and Kate,wish you two love eachother forever .Have a sweet wedding! 毛永洪, 中国辽宁大连

Only once in a lifetime that a special dream comes true. And suddenly your entire world seems beautiful and new. Best wishes always! 杨西, 中国 江苏太仓

Dear William and Kate,may your love always be a matter of comedies lingered with beautiful chords! 余曦赟, 中国四川都江堰

無悔、無恨,譜寫世紀婚禮成完美句號:美滿婚姻,白頭到老。 Lydia TSE, Ipswich, UK

Hold her hands,and tell her that you are only man she is looking for.From now,you would be the one that loves her no matter how long it is. 陈泽华, 广州

Is there anything happier than getting married with beloved ones and staying with each other forever? With all the best wishes from all around the world, I believe this is not fairy tale but truth, Prince William and Kate will live happily ever after. Han Hui, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China

the world always welcome lover ,as time goes by


Every girl in the world will envy the bride for she will marry one of the most charming bachelor ever since. However, every boy in the world will thank her because all the other girls will be their brides instead of William's. Rita, China, Shanghai

执子之手 与子偕老! 米志强, 中国北京

Under the gorgeous appearance,there exist difficulties we ordinary people will never understand, like Shakespeare said,the course of true love will never run smooth.but today,you've made it ,it's just like a nice play.As a teenager,i believe the love between you will last slowly and timelessly! 邱继达(Tipsy Chiu), 中国 重庆

HAPPPY NEW beginning Akang, MaAnShan, China

Please accept my hearty congratulations upon your marriage.May Peace,Health,Happiness and Bright Future attend both your bride and yourself until the end。 吴晓杰, 中国 广东揭阳

你们之间的爱、虽然举世瞩目!但是八年来的爱情长跑、其间的艰辛与历练让你们成功突破了爱的考验!加油威廉王子、希望你和凯特姐姐一起努力!让你们的王室更加兴旺! 张永晴, 中国 安徽

I wish you both a happy and harmonious life in the future. Would you like to come to China for your honeymoon? We've got picturesque sceneries here in Guilin, which is at its best in the Spring! Wesy Wei, Liuzhou, China

恭祝王子新婚大喜!!!祝王子伉俪早生贵子!!!祝中英历史友谊万岁!!!欢迎王子伉俪来中国度幸福的蜜月!!! 张晓丹, 中国 辽宁沈阳


杨镇泽, 中国陕西 西安

Happy marriage and happy life! Ada, Jinan China

忠心祝福威廉王子 新婚甜蜜 幸福美满 中英友谊天长地久 李文宇, 中国上海市

神马都是浮云 新婚最给力 李娜, 中国 山东

If the sun should refuse to rise And the moon doesn't hang in all night The tides won't chang,seasons rearrange When the world is through I will always stand together with you hand in hand heart linked to heart for all time 赵文, 中国天津

Before William met Kate,i don't know what's fate.

But after their wedding, i got it. 吴鑫丛, 中国、北京

幸福甜蜜,永浴爱河,为我们演绎一段永远的童话! 刘洋, Australia

From your eyes, I see love. From your smile,I feel love. From your love, I share love. Jiawen Tang, Macquarie Park, NSW, Australia

I wish that they could cherish each other through sickness and health,poverty and richness. 李楠楠, 中国山东济南

最令人羡慕的一对啊 一定要幸福哦 徐其凡, 中国江苏无锡

托清风捎去衷心的祝福,让流云奉上真挚的情意;在这值得高兴的日子里祝你们新婚快乐。 中国有句古话:“十年修得同船渡,百年修得共枕眠。”希望你们用心呵护这份缘分,快乐携手走过一生。 Best wishes to the happy couple! 陈艺, 中国浙江绍兴

In the back of my mind , there is a security that is so deliciously safe --- that unfailing security of knowing you will have a wonderful life! 王雪晴, China

我是来自中国的一名快乐男生!我只一名有很多梦想的天天快乐的高中生!哈哈哈!我今年十八岁!我的父母和我都为威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿的婚礼感到高兴!我们祝福他们!我的爸爸妈妈祝福他们百年好合白头偕老,我希望他们爱情甜甜蜜蜜长长久久! 刘军, 中国河南南阳

Eight long-distance love is hard long; spend a lifetime not abandon, but it is pretty short. Because life is not enough, you have to love life after life.(八年的爱情长跑,是艰辛漫长的;一生的相守不弃,却是美丽短暂的。因为一辈子远远不够,你们要生生世世的爱。) 彭程, 中国重庆


How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true; But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face。

这是我最喜欢的诗,愿您和凯特小姐永远快乐幸福。“执子之手,与子偕老。” 黄玲, 中国 安徽芜湖

用一生成就幸福与完美! 张慧, 中国北京

亲爱的王子夫妇: 愿你们爱情恒久远,佳话永流传!

胡敏, 中国北京

I sincerely hope that the Prince and Princess's life can be happy.weather the next life happy or sad,smooth or rough,can take care of each other.It's enough. 李思璇, 中国黑龙江