To Get your Hands Dirty 亲自动手

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Neil: Hello, I'm Neil.

Li: What a miserable day it is today! Hey, I think that's Li!

Neil: What on earth's she doing?! She's on her hands and knees in the mud. Li!

Li: Oh! Hello!

Neil: Are you okay?

Li: Yes, I am fine thanks.

Neil: Is there any particular reason you are in the mud?

Li: 你問我為什麼在泥裏?因為我要把我的雙手弄髒啊!

Neil: Right.

Li: 為了參加小區裏的節慶活動,就是今天晚上啊,你不知道!

Neil: I know. But I think I'm going to be having a shower and making myself clean, rather than dirty. Maybe this is some kind of low-cost spa treatment?

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Image caption Is this a low-cost spa treatment?

Li: Oh no. 我不是在用泥土來做美容,是這次活動的領隊告訴我們要這樣做的。

Neil: Did he?

Li: Yes he did. 上個星期他跟我們說希望我們每個人都出力參與這項節慶活動。He wanted each of us to contribute. "If it's going to be a success, you must all get your hands dirty," that's what he said. 他明明是在說讓我們把手弄髒啊!

Neil: Ohhhhhh!

Li: What?

Neil: I don't think he meant you should actually come with dirty hands. It's an expression!

Li: 啊,什麼比喻?

Neil: Yes. 'To get your hands dirty' means to get really involved in the work – including the parts that are not enjoyable - rather than standing back and watching others do it.

Li: Oh. I see.

Li: 'To get your hands dirty' 這個短語的意思是親自動手參與到一項活動中去,不要袖手旁觀。

Neil: For example.

<span >Examples

Unlike other bosses, Mr Stevens really likes to get his hands dirty. It's as if he's one of us.

Mary pretends to work hard, but I've never actually seen her get her hands dirty.

Li: 原來領隊的意思是讓我們全力以赴地參與節慶的籌備工作 – 並不是讓我把兩隻手都搞得髒兮兮的來參加節慶活動。Is that right, Neil?

Neil: Yes.

Li: You know what? 我才不管那一套呢!其實這泥巴挺不錯,我覺得我的皮膚感覺滋潤多了。哎,來吧,你也來試試,保你喜歡,特好玩兒! Let's get our hands dirty – for real! Come on Neil, come on, it's really fun…

Neil: I'd rather not... no, please... argh!