Grandad Teacher 70年前的成語老師

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A film from 1943 presented by The Teacher's grandfather, Grandad Teacher.




The Teacher has been at a party celebrating 70 years of English language teaching by the BBC. He discovers a film from 1943 presented by his own grandfather. Grandad Teacher makes predictions about the future of English teaching. But which ones came true?

Watch the video and try the activity.

True or false: "The BBC has used the following methods to teach English"?

English by pigeon

False. We found this picture and thought it was funny!

English by radio

True. English by Radio started in 1943. This clip in the video is from 1945.

English by television

True. English by Television started in 1961. This clip is from a programme called 'In Your Own Words'.

English by injection

False. This is just a joke!

English for driving

True. This clip is from a programme called 'L Driver English'.

English by furry, green alien

True. The animated character Muzzy appeared in programmes from the 1980s.

English for emergencies

True. This clip is from a programme called 'Speak for Yourself'.

English by internet

True... of course! was launched in 1996. And was launched in 2005.

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