Black and white 黑与白

Tian Tian the panda in her enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo. Image copyright PA
Image caption Tian Tian the panda takes a rest in her enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Andrew Milligan.


在英語裏,如果你認為某件事情或某個形勢是 black and white 意思就是你覺得看得很清楚,立場很堅定,但其他人可能會從全局考慮從而會有不同看


I'm telling you the situation is black and white – we've got no money left!

Other people have opinions, too – it's not all black and white, you know.

She had such a black and white view of the project that she wasn't prepared to discuss any other ideas.


短語 grey area 灰色地帶' 可以用來形容模糊不清的形勢,這與 black and white 黑白分明' 所表達的意思正好相反。

I know a little bit about biology and chemistry, but physics is still a grey area for me.

She」s got a date for the wedding, but the venue and church is a bit of a grey area